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Client File · May 29, 2015

Vodafone You

Experimenting with alternative branding for the young

Vodafone You logo

Vodafone Romania is very active in experimenting new promises and products that would appeal to the increasingly aloof young (and younger) targets. In this respect, Vodafone decided at the beginning of 2015 to launch the new sub-brand Vodafone YOU, catering to the very young consumer (under 20) while betting on their sense of belonging. The prepaid card and the associated app play on the new dogma of social camaraderie and digital lifestyle. Brandient created the core visual identity for this brand in March 2015.

Accolade · Bucharest/Singapore, May 27, 2015

Übernuts packaging nominated for the German Design Award 2016

Another international recognition for Brandient design

German Design Award 2016

German Design Award 2016

Brandient is honored to have received yet another nomination for the German Design Award, organized by the reputable German Design Council. For the 2016 edition, Übernuts has been nominated in the ‘Packaging’ category of the awards’ prestigious Excellent Communications Design competition.

Client File · May 25, 2015

Idea Bank and Idea Leasing

Employing design as a strategy tool

Idea Bank

The expanding Polish Holding Getin acquired a banking and a leasing entity in Romania, and set out to bring them under its umbrella of international brands—Idea Bank and Idea Leasing, respectively. The challenge was to establish the new business on the local market, through the creation of a unique brand DNA, rooted in the existing brand elements, that would secure local differentiation and relevance and would ensure organisational engagement with the brand.



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