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Article · Bucharest, April 16, 2014

Wally Olins: a tribute from the Eastern front

Paying our last respect to the genial brand genius
—By Aneta Bogdan

Wally Olins Brandient Tribute

Wally Olins CBE, 1930–2014.

Along with Wally Olins, an era in branding is gone — a golden era, when brands had guts, vision, authenticity and loyal fans. However, he left us with all his learning and the blueprint for the future. It’s not for nothing that his last book is titled “Brand New: The Shape of Brands to Come”.

Accolade · Bucharest, February 17, 2014

Brandient wins two Silver Graphis Awards

Übernuts and Lawyer's House Wine identities are among the picks of the highly regarded global design publication

Graphis, the influential publisher of design excellence, awarded Brandient with two Silvers in their much renowned competition Design Annual — the 2014 edition.

Accolade · Bucharest, February 7, 2014

Indygen selected as one of 2013's best identities

The case earns a spot in Brand New's Best Reviewed List

The Best and Worst Identities of 2013, Part 1: The Best Reviewed

Indygen ranked at #7 among the best 12 identities of 2013, as judged by Armin Vit's Brand New.

The end of 2013 has brought us a position on the A-list ranking of the year's best identities — Brand New's Best Reviewed 2013. Indygen, the telecom digital service whose identity we created in 2013, was among Armin Vit's picks for its celebratory post.

“In the name, logo, typography, and mascot, Indygen was able to capture a genuine rawness perfect for SIM-card-loving young Southeastern Europeans.”

—Armin Vit

Book Bucharest· 

"Branding on the Eastern front" for iPad

BFE app based on Aneta Bogdan's business best-seller

Aneta Bogdan—Branding on the Eastern front—the iPad Edition. Aneta Bogdan—Branding pe frontul de Est—Editia pentru iPad.

Click on the image to download the iPad edition of “Branding pe frontul de Est” from the App Store.

Click pe imagine ca sa downloadezi “Branding pe frontul de Est”, editia pentru iPad, de pe App Store.

The iPad app version of "Branding on the Eastern front" by Brandient’s Managing Partner, Aneta Bogdan, the most reputed and influent name in Romanian branding industry. Download on the App Sore. In Romanian.

Accolade · Bucharest, November 15, 2013

Indygen identity included in UC.Quarterly

UnderConsideration’s printed publication features Brandient’s work

Brandient's project Indygen was recently featured in the well-reputed publication UC.Quarterly.

Brandient's Indygen case featured in UnderConsideration's printed magazine UC.Quarterly along with Indygen's ‘Bikelike’ collectible designer toy.

Indygen, one of this year’s most exciting projects of ours, was recently featured in the well-reputed publication UC.Quarterly. The issue provides a summary of the most interesting projects that were previously published in UnderConsideration’s network of websites. For Print Only, Brand New, Art of the Menu and Quipsologies — all initiatives of the acclaimed duo Bryony Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit — are constantly putting a spotlight on one of the industry’s most comprehensive project collections.

Career · Bucharest

Digital Brand Consultant

Bucharest Office

Opening: Digital Brand Consultant with creative writing skills and excellent knowledge of web, mobile and social media.

The job:

  • Be part of a cool team;
  • Audit leading brands’ digital presence and experience;
  • Develop web, mobile and social media strategies;
  • Administer Brandient’s online presence;
  • Explore the opportunities in new technologies;
  • Have a close relationship with Mr. Mark Zuckerberg;

Career · Bucharest

Senior Brand Consultant

Bucharest Office

Looking for: Senior Brand Consultant with a salesman instinct and good track record in marketing, strategic planning or management consulting.

The job:

  • Be part of a high-profile team of branding veterans;
  • Deal with a variety of projects across industries and categories;
  • Meet and work with leading entrepreneurs and CEOs;
  • Take a good shot at understanding human nature;

Career · Bucharest

iOS and Web Developer

Bucharest Office

Needed: iOS and Web Developer with Cocoa Touch experience and sound understanding of web and software development best practices.

The job:

  • Work as part of strong solution-finding multidisciplinary team
  • Design and develop native mobile application concepts and mockups for iOS
  • Design and develop website concepts and mockups
  • Supervise outsourced web and app development and deployment process
  • Improve Brandient’s online presence;
  • Explore the opportunities in new technologies;
  • Be patient with Kit’s cult of Steve Jobs.

Career · Bucharest

UI/UX Designer

Bucharest Office

Wanted: Talented UI/UX Designer with good understanding of both web and physical devices and a passion for excellence and style.

The job:

  • Work as part of strong solution-finding multidisciplinary team
  • Imagine web— and app-based solutions to business opportunities;
  • Conceive flows, wireframes, mockups and prototypes of web and apps;
  • Supervise outsourced web and app design and development process;
  • Administer Brandient’s online presence;
  • Explore the opportunities in new technologies;
  • Report to Ciprian in all matters related to beer.



"Branding on the Eastern front" for iPad

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Branding on the Eastern front

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