Accolades · Minneapolis, January 28, 2010

Three Brandient logos published in LogoLounge Master Library Vol 1: Initials & Crests

Brandient, Novensys and Expert Digital Part of Master Library Vol 1: Initials & Crests.

The inaugural book from the LogoLounge series, Initials and Crests includes three works by Brandient, including the company’s own logo.

LogoLounge Master Library, Volume 1, is the beginning of a new series of books by the authors of LogoLounge, featuring the ultimate collection of logos by category. The first book focuses on logos featuring crests and initials. As with Rockport’s other books on logos, this series has the same inspirational draw, featuring over 3,000 logos

LogoLounge is a website where the logo design community can share their work, receive feedback, and do research about current logo design trends. They also publish a semi-annual collection of the best logo design in the world.

Brandient is the award-winning brand strategy and design company with offices in Bucharest and Singapore. Find out more about us and about our work.



Cover LogoLounge Master Library Vol 1: Initials & Crests

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