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Six Brandient logos in 2010 LogoLounge Master Library Vol 2: Animals & Mythology

Metropotam, Domo, Dedeman among the five part of Master Library Vol 2: Animals & Mythology

A number of six identities were featured in the Anymals and Mythlogy volume by LogoLounge: Out of Stock, Loyalia, Metropotam, Domo, Dedeman and Apidava.

The book displays a highly organized collection of 3,000 animal and mythology logo designs, culled carefully from, the largest online searchable collection of logos in the world. In addition, top-tier logo designers share their insights on the values, traditions, and future of designing with animals and mythological characters.

Animals have been depicted symbolically ever since man first began to draw. Their shapes, colors, behaviors, and history provide a wealth of inspiration for logo designers.

Mythological figures are rich in analogy and metaphor, perfect for logo design. Every culture has its own fables and fascinating visual stories that help designers convey challenging concepts.

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Cover LogoLounge Master Library Vol 2: Animals & Mythology

IMG (61KB)Download


Apidava Transylvanian honey producer

IMG (90KB)Download


Dedeman The Romanian leading Do-It-Yourself store

IMG (107KB)Download


DOMO The leader of the white goods, black goods and IT&C retail market

IMG (168KB)Download


Loyalia Human resources agency for top and middle management

IMG (131KB)Download


Metropotam Online guide covering Bucharest life and events

IMG (158KB)Download


Out of Stock Fashion and clothing company

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