Accolades · New York, May 1, 2008

Rebranding of CEC Bank acknowledged by Tony Spaeth

A well-done thing

Reputed identity specialist and commentator Tony Spaeth acknowledges the work by Brandient on the CEC Bank as a praiseworthy effort, and put it in the big picture.

“This is a uniquely 21st Century branding story—the reinvention of a government-owned bureaucracy, to compete in the marketplace with some of the world’s sharpest marketers. […] This redesign takes the bank leap years forward in sophistication, yet at the same time back to its 1864 foundation.  Virtually overnight, CEC Bank is credibly a global competitor (at least in image), yet retains the home-field advantage. To quote the Prime Minister again, « It is a well-done thing. »”

Read the full review at Identityworks.

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Tony Spaeth Reputed identity specialist and commentator

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