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Identity: Best of the Best 2006 jurors about Brandient work

Brandient work praised by international jury

Identity Magazine issue no. 7/2006 publishes an ample material about «Best of the Best 2006» competition, including jurors’ comments on the winning entries. Here are some excerpts:

Andrew Purtov (editor in chief of Identity, organiser of «Best of the Best 2006» competition) on Brandient: “The revelation of the competition was the branding agency Brandient from Romania (since March 2006 associated with Enterprise IG - one of the Big Five international brand-consulting agencies).”

Bill Gardner (president of Gardner Design – USA, the editor of LogoLounge catalogue and portal) on Radiocom logo: “What a beautiful way to express the idea of many coming together as one through the medium of radio. The way the logo wraps almost like a blanket replicates the way radio waves tend to envelope the listener. Nice use of a subtle gradation to show the broad spectrum of the medium.” ·

Gary Horton (senior graphic designer of Attik – UK) on Smartee logo: “I have selected this logo as it does a great job of introducing an organic element into the IT industry while staying relevant to the company’s service. The typography and icon work well together along with the color.” · Jason Smith (founder of Fontsmith – UK) on Albalact logo: “The good thing about this logo is it explains what the product is straight away. Healthy, nutritious and fresh.”

Gary Horton on Albalact logo: “I have selected this logo as I think the mark shows great personality and a light-hearted take on the industry. It really conveys the health and organic benefits of the product as well as its origin.”

Jason Smith on Domo retail identity: “Good vibrand use of color, friendly photography and fun signage gives Domo an inviting feel.” · Bill Gardner on Domo retail identity: “The balls of this logo help spell the name of the company but also play out the playfulness of the company in a conservative way. The flagship blue and green are carried out in a bold way on the interiors of the store but the whimsical balls continue to appear as well. The ball is a metaphor to me for the simplicity and straight forward nature of the product.”

Toshihiro Onimaru (art director and vice president Graphics & Designing Inc. – Japan) on Smartree identity: “This is a refined, balanced logo & type design, conveying a solid philosophy.”

Bill Gardner on Smartree packaging: “The blending boxes of the logo have been played out for continuity for the call out on the interior of the document and the asterisks on the package covers have the this same merging shape quality. Nice use of simple color and cleanly applied.” ·
Michael Gais (founder and creative director of QWER – Germany) on Savana packaging: “Striking, dynamic, flexible. A visual language which gives the product its own outstanding and exciting image.

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Identity Best of the Best 2006 — Brandient work praised by international jury

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