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Brandient featured in Brand! VOL 3

The book includes a presentation of the Dedeman project

The book Brand! VOL. 3, published by Ooogo in China features a presentation of the award winning rebranding project Dedeman by Brandient.

Ooogo Ltd is a graphic and publishing company founded by Adam Wong, focusing on visual communication, architecture, fashion and culture trends wotrldwide. According to the editor, "Brand! VOL.3 collected the highest level of brand identity launched anywhere in the world between January 2009 and February 2010, including new brand identity, the repositioning, revitalizing and design of existing brand, brand extension. They came from in-house corporate professionals, design firms, clients, architects, business strategists, advertising agencies, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. Brand! VOL.3 is the global resource for visual examples and case studies on effective brand transformations, featuring over 400 outstanding brand identities and 2800 pictures from more than 30 countries"

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Cover Brand! VOL. 3, published by Ooogo in China

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