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The Eastern Branding Company, by all means

Brandient profile and eight of our projects in Hong Kong's Package and Design Magazine 包装与设计

This summer we received an email from the Hong KongKong's Package and Design Magazine with an invitation to guest star one of their future editions. The Chief Editor, Mr. Huang Li learned about Brandient from Mr. Jean Jacques Evrard, President of Pentawards, who kindly recommended our work be reviewed by the Chinese periodical.

This is how the November issue featured a generous profile of Brandient under the heading ”The Eastern Branding Company” and eight of our best projects in packaging design.

Brandient and Wiesana as well as Zuzu featured in Hong Kong's Package and Design Magazine 包装与设计.

Brandient's Bitdefender, Savana and Savana Kids featured in Hong Kong's Package and Design Magazine 包装与设计.

Brandient's Zen, Cuculand Papane and Fulga featured in Hong Kong's Package and Design Magazine 包装与设计.

Brandient—The Eastern Branding Company—and some of our packaging projects featured in Hong Kong's Package and Design Magazine 包装与设计.

Zuzu, Cuculand and Papane were winners in the Pentawards competition and Savana was awarded at Identity Best of the Best. We designed Fulga to be on both sides of the Tetra Pak milk package and Zen was our first international project, for the leader in natural juice and nectar in the Republic of Moldova. Among our latest projects stand Wiesana and Bitdefender, two very different brands that required completely different approaches.

We proudly owe the unique vision for packaging design and labeling to Cristian Petre Senior Designer and Brandient Partner, who is responsible for many of our successful packaging projects.

Package and Design Magazine is distributed in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and besides benefiting the Chinese readers, is aiming to create a mutual  understanding between Chinese designers and designers from around the world. The magazine is bilingual (Chinese and English), but undoubtedly its main asset is the selection of featured designs.

You can browse the article here.

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The Eastern Branding Company

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