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Indygen identity included in UC.Quarterly

UnderConsideration’s printed publication features Brandient’s work

Brandient's project Indygen was recently featured in the well-reputed publication UC.Quarterly.

Brandient's Indygen case featured in UnderConsideration's printed magazine UC.Quarterly along with Indygen's ‘Bikelike’ collectible designer toy.

Indygen, one of this year’s most exciting projects of ours, was recently featured in the well-reputed publication UC.Quarterly. The issue provides a summary of the most interesting projects that were previously published in UnderConsideration’s network of websites. For Print Only, Brand New, Art of the Menu and Quipsologies — all initiatives of the acclaimed duo Bryony Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit — are constantly putting a spotlight on one of the industry’s most comprehensive project collections.

The publication’s format leaving the visual to speak for itself, granting no explanatory text for the featured case studies. However, the original review of Indygen’s brand platform — The Revolution will be Text-Messaged —, published on UnderConsideration’s Brand New, offered valuable feedback:

“The rough, Occupy-ish aesthetic has been executed really well through the custom type family and the choice of red. It may feel and sound a little too optimistic and cheerleading and entitled at times for a generation preoccupied mostly with text messaging, but the brand and target seem perfectly aligned. [...] it creates a sense of belonging that no telecom-carrier-branded SIM card will ever have”

—Armin Vit

The recognition of Indygen’s brand platform is rewarding our efforts in shaping this rebellious yet positive brand for the youngsters, providing us, at the same time, with the necessary enthusiasm to keep delivering innovative solutions to our clients.

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