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Klarwin logo featured in the 2017 LogoLounge Trends Report

The design by Brandient is cited for the insightful use of patterns

Klarwin featured 2017 Logolounge Trends

The visual identity created by Brandient for Klarwin — a leading process engineering player in Eastern Europe — has been included in the latest edition of the LogoLounge Trends Report. LogoLounge is the largest global platform for logo designers to share their creative work, and has been making cutting-edge analysis of logo trends since 2002.

The 2017 Trends Report analyzed over 25,000 logos submitted in the past year on the platform, as well as the most recent major rebrands. It presents a total of 15 trends in logo design, as well as 6 extras that capture how design has evolved recently and where it’s headed.

Klarwin is featured in the “Wrapped” trend, where logos are immersed in a certain pattern that, while appearing to obfuscate the identity, in fact reveal a relevant insight, such as the product category, a brand promise, etc. In Klarwin’s case, the “K” capital letter is emerging through a fluid flag symbol. The design is not only indicative of the industry — filtration and purification of water and other fluids — but also conveys the brand’s promise (clarity, purity and process excellence) and supports the brand slogan — “Fluid Perfection”. Additionally, the brand’s entire graphic language has been developed from this fluid filtering pattern.

The full report can be read here.

LogoLounge is the largest global database of logos, founded in 2002 by designer Bill Gardner. The platform also organizes an annual competition prezided by reputable industry leaders, with winners published in the highly-acclaimed LogoLounge Books. Throughout time, Brandient has had 23 logos featured in 9 books.

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