The remarkable success of its new brand Fulga, created by Brandient (see case study below) brought about a rapid growth for Albalact and propelled the company among the biggest players on the local dairy market. Sensing the need for a different approach in the relationship between business, organization and customers, the company needed a new philosophy, a new identity, and a new image to support its quick and successful evolution.

Client file

Brand Strategy and Brand Portfolio Consultancy

Albalact needed a different approach toward its future and the new competitive environment it had joined. Brandient recommended the new brand strategies, reshuffled the positioning and the portfolio architecture, redesigned the visual corporate identity and implemented this new approach in all brand support vectors.

Corporate Identity

Albalact’s tradition in fresh and pasteurized products, on the one hand, and its products’ quality on the other, inspired the new corporate brand. Its promise to offer “The best in milk” is based on the company’s resources and competences, and the new visual corporate identity puts all these into work. The spirited mixture between a heart, a cow udder and a milk flow reflects them, while the design uses green, white and blue to endorse the association with nature and freshness.


The new brand portfolio required appropriate naming approach, and Brandient recommended the use of the “De Albalact” eponym for the generic, low-cost range of produce, while creating the names Fulga for the UHT milk range and respectively Zuzu for the fresh yoghurt range. Both shortly became household names on the local market.


Analyzing the local “milk shelf,” Brandient noticed an opportunity on the market to position “drinking milk” as happiness, joviality and fun. The name Fulga—a Romanian name sending mainly to “fulg” (snow-flake), respectively to lightness and whiteness—naturally relates to the product.

Initially the client was deterred by the pastoral look of the milk shelf and asked for a “no cow” design. He was ultimately conquered by the designers’ proposal of Fulga—the cheeky, one-of-a-kind, and now legendary little cow. Legendary also for irreverently showing her back on the (back of the) package, Fulga became a much loved rebel. The provincial dairy producer jumped to a leading market position and became a strong national player in the following couple of years, with the Fulga brand performing at par with its global competitors on the shelf.

Fulga Goodies

As Fulga brand managed to attract more and more loyal consumers, the extension strategy became a foundation for business growth. Brandient advised against sub-branding, but in favor of line extension—e.g. milk with juice, chocolate and coffee range, positioned as “Goodies with milk”—using color coding and differentiating design.

In order to fully capitalize on the character personality and success, Fulga become a 3D character and it may be seen in various playful acts on the new packaging. The explanation is simple and it is supported by children and teens’ expectations for “cartoon” graphics: movies, games and the Internet have taught them to ask for 3D.


The local yoghurt market, dominated by a global player, revealed a stressful branding, with media channels inundated by a medicine-like approach and suggesting you rather have to be in pain in order to drink yogurt. This was one of the insights on which Brandient created a new yogurt brand for Albalact.

Aiming to the urban, young, educated, above average income target, Brandient created Zuzú—an unconventional name—which is instantly memorable and induces familiarity and coolness.

The package design achieves both high shelf visibility and clear line extension rules. With a clean, minimalist approach and the rather unexpected use of feathers, the modern and peculiar package suggests naturally the feeling of light and gentle, and consequently supports the verbal identity.

“Zuzu’s promise to indulge the consumer is supported by the whole verbal and visual approach to the brand. The product itself is highly enjoyable, so Zuzu stands a good chance to win both the shelf and the consumers’ hearts.”

—Cristian “Kit” Paul, Creative Partner Brandient.

De Albalact

The generic, low priced products were grouped under a popular brand, based on tradition and accessibility. The tag “De Albalact,” eponymous with the corporate name, is used in the products’ name, along with the generic word (e.g. sour cream, yoghurt etc) in order to outline its belonging and to certify/guarantee the natural origin of these products.

All products have in common an original and easily recognizable blazon, while the illustration was inspired by the natural beauty and the freshness of natal Alba county.