The retail of bio products is still uncharted territory in Romania despite its potential for huge growth. This prompted a group of entrepreneurs to invest and develop the first local retail chain specialized in bio, organic and fair trade food products, with a vision to build a reference brand for a new lifestyle.

Client file

Corporate brand

Brandient proposed a different approach from the traditional, somehow pastoral look of such shops, and created a modern brand, catering to the lifestyle of its customers – who are largely meant for the upper class.

The name is simple and memorable and the brand idea is further strengthened by the tagline “Bio is good”.

The brand’s visual identity was designed so as to incorporate the main values of health, freshness, inspiration and responsibility, all brought together in a heart-shaped logo with category-specific colors: white, green and red.

This modern approach is deployed to all brand building vectors, from verbal identity to key visuals, brand rhetoric, brand communication, design of the promotional materials, loyalty programs graphics and corporate website.