Ceramica Iași

Ceramica Iași produces the most resilient bricks in Romania and their business increased after the takeover by the international investment fund Advent.

Brandient was commissioned to redesign the corporate identity and to create a new brand.

Client file

Corporate brand

The corporate identity was required to emphasize the well-known name in a simple, straight-forward manner. This was achieved by the building-block letters and the brick color.


As hard as a rock

There is a market trend for the merchandise, considered till not so long ago pure commodity (bulk packaged), to be distinctly marketed under their own identity.

The name of the new brand had to accurately mirror the exceptional compression resistance of the brick, indeed as “hard as a rock”, being being much more resilient than the required technical standards. Hence, Brikston was born, from the mixture of the Anglo-Saxon words “brick” and “stone”.

The Brikston logo is designed through massive angular typography lettering and the symbol is a visual 3D paradox, rendering the threedimensional blueprint for a room as well as the shape of a brick. The breaches in the form shape of sign and of typography convey the message of “heavy-duty” features and industrial resilience.