Commissioned by a group of young entrepreneurs and managers, Brandient has created a brand of universal vocation, yet inspired by the everyday life and feelings of contemporary Romanians, addressing those who are young, pure & free.

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Identity & packaging

Cuculand™ (“cuckoo land”) is the imaginary life in a real country, or the other way around—as illustrated with wide-eyed humor on the packaging of the first “embodiment” of this generous brand—Cuculand™ Ice Tea.

Positioned in attitude, militant spirit, cult-brand and premium quality, Cuculand™ can be “deciphered” alternatively as the world we live in, the world we want to escape to or the world waiting for us. The brand tagline “Pure & Free” attracts the young at heart and the lucky ones who have found a way to keep their love, imagination and humor intact, despite the daily doze of ugliness. Eventually, we all live in Cuculand.