Domo, the leading retailer on the Romanian home appliances and electronics market, entrusted Brandient with the rebranding process and with subsequent upgrades of its identity and brand communication platform.

Client file

Brand strategy

The positioning "Domo pentru acasa" (Domo for your home) aimed at category ownership, seeking to build preference and loyalty for Domo network by promising both functional and emotional relationship, sustained by marketing and organizational programs.

In order to increase the emotional bond with the customers, the brand essence was infused with a ludic personality.

Corporate identity

The new logo was designed for retail prominence, but also for the pleasure of shopping, the result being a modern, fresh, dynamic and down-to-earth identity. Besides the excellent name, some visual elements of the old identity were preserved due to their brand equity — like the fresh, vivid colors and the white spaces.

The two striped balls in the logo were charged with a playful and friendly personality and employed to increase the visibility and memorability of the brand.


Retail experience

The retail design of the flagship store, in cooperation with Enterprise IG London (today The Brand Union) transposed the graphic identity into modern functional and decorative elements.

Based on the brand identity created by Brandient, Enterprise IG came up with the retail design, while Brandient further developed the in-store retail graphics as a meta-language able to further enhance the brand by instant recognition and favorability.

Overall, the whole design sustains a brand which is full of life, happy, dynamic and able to trigger a pleasant relationship with the customer.


Do & Mo

Energized by its renewed success, after two years the client came back for an enhancement of the already successful identity, in order to increase the impact of tactical communication and to further underlie the friendly, pleasant and accessible personality of the brand.

Sometimes the better is the enemy of the good, but we had to prove it otherwise so Brandient came up with a communication platform based on two avatars: Do and Mo, the playful, stripy dog and cat.

Communication became easier, less expensive and more memorable. Do and Mo became omnipresent in all points of contact with the brand—point- of-sale graphics, TV commercials, billboards and sales literature.

Communication platform

Strengthening the emotional bond between the brand and its consumers has been the main objective of this new brief from Domo. Thus, Brandient has conceptualized the new brand platform by creating parody situations to famous scenes of science fiction movies.

The naïve dog Do and the cheeky cat Mo make us smile when they teleport each other or float on the Earth orbit.

The new brand platform was implemented in every point of contact—TV, OOH, on-line, point-of-sale, via informative or sales oriented literature—and eventually featured in the first Romanian-produced 3D/stereoscopic cinema commercial.


Expert Digital

Identity and packaging design for the IT&C range of the leading retailer Domo, under the private label Expert Digital.


Identity and packaging design for Domo’s private label Westwood, covering electronic household appliances.