Despite being the leader de facto of the Romanian electronic commerce, eMAG was not perceived as a market leader. Apart from the impeccable business performance, the enviable market share and millions of loyal customers, eMAG needed to express its leadership through the levers of branding in order to also conquer the share of heart, but without losing the accumulated brand equity.

Client file

Brand strategy

The audit and strategy report revealed a very complex type of brand, gathering a myriad of facets with direct impact on the way the brand relates to its internal and external audiences.

Brandient established the brand DNA, the brand platform and the brand idea in accordance with the audit findings in the attempt to bring to light the very essence of eMAG: enabling the self-gratification of its customers.

Corporate identity

Brandient precluded from the start the option of a radical brand identity change due to the market position and the extended—and faithful—consumer base.

The aim of the redesign process was to capitalize on the familiarity of the customers with the current brand elements, namely the brand name, the chromatic palette and the logo structure, but also to permeate them with the new brand promise and enliven them up to the rhythm of the modern customer.

This is how the modular logo was born: each day, eMAG brings new reasons of enjoyment in an up-to-minute, relevant and dynamic way. The new identity also enables a very simple and versatile communication platform.


Interior and retail design

The office interiors and showrooms were decorated in the spirit of the new identity.

The new communication platform encapsulates a high dose of linguistic wit, using the “e” letter from the brand name to build emotional and functional messages. This was a tactical way to increase brand awareness among new groups of audiences.