Interstar is one of the top players on the Romanian house cleaning category, with a wide portfolio of local leading brands. The company produces and distributes Biocarpet, the most familiar and appreciated brand for carpet cleaning. While it has been holding no. 1 position in market share for more than a decade, the competition from global brands and private labels of retail chains became fierce.

Client file

Brand Strategy

Brandient was contracted for an auditing and renewing process of the brand, both at the level of identity and the way the packaging communicates with the consumers.

The analysis of the marketing research and the in-depth discussions with the client revealed the fact that Biocarpet was without doubt one of the most known and appreciated house cleaning brands in Romania, the leader of the category, at that point of time. However, at the stage of maturity, the brand gathered a dusty halo, mainly because of its small range and outdated identity.

Brandient recommended reinventing the brand strategy, its promise and identity in order to create an appropriate competitive arsenal to protect a sustainable growth.

Packaging Design

Brandient redesigned the packaging graphic identity with respect to the brand equity that had been built over the time – by preserving the elements of recognoscibility and memorability –and adding a modern and rejuvenated look.

The logo and label redesign have been done under these considerations, in a simplified approach, with a vivid and attractive chromatic for a feminine audience.

For this re-launch, Brandient also designed the label of an innovative range extension, specially created for the pet owners.