The management information software & solutions market has grown rapidly over the past decade. In that context, a local leader in bar code services and technology identified new business opportunities in information management and thus decided to expand its activity towards this area. Brandient was appointed to offer a rebranding solution.

Client file

Brand strategy

The brand audit revealed a successful, young and dynamic company in the area of information technology, with a responsible and friendly approach, but also the need for a relevant identity under the new challenges.

The existing name (Bar Code Systems), besides being too generic, was clearly restrictive for the company’s aspirations and future business opportunities and this prompted Brandient to recommend the change of the verbal identity. The new verbal identity, Novensys, speaks about technology, intelligence, about the “new systems” mastered by the company. Memorable and open, the name was intsantly enjoyed and adopted by the organization.

In that spirit, the whole rhetoric was created around the concept of intelligent information which is also the main promise of the business: Novensys provides intelligent solutions to manage information — and thus the tagline Information IQ.

Under the new strategy, the brand provided support for growth on a very dynamic market where the business opportunities expand along with the technological evolution and the diversification of clients’ needs.

Corporate brand

The visual identity distilled the name in a distinct and memorable monogram, where the type form and the bright halo suggest modern technology and dynamic development. In balance, chromatics were restrained to one tone of vivid and friendly “ocean” blue.

The logo is drawn from a technological yet friendly and fresh perspective. The graphic language used elements from the natural world for the applications and communication materials.

Furthermore, Brandient carried out the first positioning campaign of Novensys, aimed at increasing the brand reputation and associating it with the information management software solutions.


The new promise

In just a few years after rebranding, Novensys became one of the top players on the local IT industry. The business expanded beyond expectations, and so did the organization. Under these coordinates, the brand needed a new promise and visual platform to keep up with the company's remarkable evolution. Inspired by organic systems, Brandient recommendation encapsulated the way the top management and the organization approached the business, internally and externally: very natural, always combining intelligence, functionality, efficiency and discipline. Therefore, the new slogan "Integrated Solutions. Naturally" was the simplest, direct promise of a highly professional service, provided in a very natural way, as if Novensys had been genetically created to work this way.

The visual platform displayed natural living systems, chromatically vivid, departing from the industry's obsession of using people images. Novensys embraced with enthusiasm the change during brand engagement sessions.