The Orange Communication School was initiated and sponsored by Orange Romania, as a corporate reputation project, and appealed to young graduates and business aspirants with very good curricular results and with a special interest in communication. Brandient was commissioned to conceptualize the project, design the identity and provide the content.

Client file

Orange School

The branding of the event had to consider not only Orange brand philosophy, but also the educational needs of a group of young people who already had basic communication knowledge.

The concept of the unusual, character-based visual identity of the seminar manual and materials was born from the idea of relationship and was meant to support the Orange brand personality, characterized by simplicity, easiness, clearness and friendship. The course materials reflected this concept.

Brandient also delivered the courses for the marketing module and chose the concept of Ā«10 steps, 10 days, 10 topicsĀ» (ten easy steps) illustrated by ten inspirational words for communication and relationship (share, say, enjoy, dare, play etc.).

Clay models and photography by Dan Munteanu