Orhei-Vit is a leading juice and nectar producer in Republic of Moldova. They commissioned Brandient to revitalize their flagship brand VITA and also to create a new brand for premium juices.

Client file


Vita is one of the best-known brands in the Republic of Moldova, but the increasingly intense competition and a cluttered retail shelf urged for a new approach for the brand in order to better communicate the brand positioning as a natural and high quality product.

The package is the main communication vector in this category, therefore the new design was conceived so as to ensure high visibility on the shelf and to enhance the reputation equity of the Vita brand name.

Packaging design used both illustration and photography in order to convey the moment of maximum freshness at harvest time and thus to achieve attractiveness and differentiation. The illustrated stamp on the package helps in generating tradition and originality associations, as well as in “certifying” the guaranteed quality of the product.


A new brand was required for the new line of high-quality cold extraction (“direct squeeze”) juices in the innovative Tetra Prisma package. Launching the new product had to address two challenges: to reach a premium target of discerning consumers, while facing the risk of trial and acceptance attached to a new product and package.

The name and the whole approach was developed around freshness, equilibrium and harmony needed to balance the stressful quotidian life.

Package identity was designed with a twist of noir in order to enhance premium positioning, trying to increase magnetism and visibility on the shelf. The minimalist style of design, with the picture of a single fruit or vegetable, complemented by a touch of aquarelle (which acts also as color coding) is able to sustain the pure Zen atmosphere.

The entire feeling is of natural, precious, relaxing, while the relationship with the product must be something intimate and desirable.

Update: the client decided to launch the package in the Republic of Moldova under the name “Gustos” (tasty).