Just two years after its start-up, a company called had an impressive portfolio of web-based HR applications, but little recognition on the local market. At this point, they decided to appoint Brandient with the mandate to design an impetus brand to support their business.

Client file

Corporate Brand

The generic name and the existing corporate identity was not reflecting the strong professional & entrepreneurial culture taking shape.

The new brand positioning was encapsulated in the tagline Oxygen for Business and the unique and memorable name Smartree. As the organization was emotionally attached to the tree symbol, they instantly embraced the new name.

The logotype with an embedded “digital tree” completed almost magically the core of the new brand identity.

Moreover, the coherent positioning and brand rhetoric inspired the employees to take it further (e.g. they always act with smartitude) and thus the organization became the most important brand builder and the internal branding became the most important tool to build success.

Packaging & Brand Communication

After creating the Smartree brand, Brandient was appointed to develop an integrated packaging & communication campaign to promote the most important solutions of the Smartree portfolio, respectively Payroll Services and Human Resources Management software.

Focusing on the rational benefits of the solutions portfolio, Brandient literally “packed” the two solutions in a modern package inspired by the corporate brand. The communication concept was implemented both at package level and at external communication level through collateral sales materials: pre-sales brochures, user’s manuals, premiums etc.

Revitalizing the Corporate Identity

In 2009, seven years after the rebranding, Smartree approached Brandient for a revitalizing of the corporate brand, given the new market challenges. The business felt the need to focus its values more on relationship, so as to prove that Smartree is not only a technology driven company, but also a seductive business partner.

The new tagline to reflect this change was Business Class Services and the imagery of business class flight was employed to reflect excellence in services by the reliable expertise of the flight crew.

The logo was also subtly updated with more colour in order to mark the new relationship positioning.