Tetra Pak

The aseptic food packaging technology invented and perfected by Tetra Pak is considered the most important innovation in food industry over the past 50 years. On the Romanian market only a small part of the milk consumed is processed and on that grounds Tetra Pak commissioned Brandient to conceive an information and promotion campaign over the benefits of the milk processed by UHT (Ultra High Temperature) technology.

Client file


The advantages of aseptic packaged milk in food security and consumer convenience were often overlook by local consumers who instead relied on urban myths according to which processed milk contains conservatives or additives.

In order to overcome this communication hurdle, Brandient decided to “brand” the campaign by developing an animated character — the “milk droplet” (affectionately called Pako) — that put a friendly and accessible face on the technical information and, as such, it succeeded in conveying the message in a glimpse of an eye.

The “milk droplet” character and the entire campaign were created by Brandient designers while Studio 6 took charge of the production for the animated commercial.