The Romanian leader in the poultry industry and an important player on the European market, Transavia is a family business that — under the leadership of founder dr. Ioan Popa — expanded strategically, year after year, developing a healthy, solid and responsible entrepreneurial business model and a complex brand portfolio.

Client file

Corporate Identity Revitalization (2016)

Transavia’s reputation, based not only on the sustained business growth, but also on its impeccable behavior, is reflected through the assumed responsibility of delivering the best food safety standard to millions of consumers. Precisely this promise was transposed, in a modern design manner, into the new visual identity. The “Shield” symbol firstly reflects protection for consumers, but can also be interpreted as a blazonry device for the family-run business. Moreover, the new logo emphasizes the company's vertically integrated operational model.


The brand equity built over time by the “chicken comb” symbol was protected, introducing new elements that ensure the safety component, essential in the food industry. Moreover, the business’ integrated production chain inspired a graphic platform based on minimalist illustration, by the means of which Transavia’s story can be reflected.


Fragedo (2016)

The new packaging design supports the brand’s positioning, reflecting the Transavia’s business competencies — the chicken fed with cereal cultivated by Transavia and carefully grown in Transavia’s Farms, so that they provide a trusted source of health and joy for the urban consumer. Food safety along the production and commercial chain is reflected by the brand’s new slogan “Pure and safe, from grain to fork”.

The creative concept supports the modern lifestyle trends, reflecting the natural and honest production process and showing, at the same time, the joy of cooking. A sincere approach that creates, through its design, a slow living, modern perception. Moreover, the variety of Fragedo’s range, made of over 50 assortments, offers a general feeling of shelf vitality and delight, creating a strong visual impact.


The new Fragedo design is a step forward for the Romanian shelf, showing on the label the vegetables from the Romanian consumers’ kitchen, and not the product itself — yet another proof of the leadership that Transavia has been instilling into the local industry for the past 25 years.


Creative platform (2007)

Brandient developed a creative strategy and the consequent creative platform for all vectors of the corporate brand and designed accordingly the sales and representation materials, the corporate website and the corporate image campaign.

The image campaign was conceived so as to build associations with “the right thing” (“asa cum trebuie”) and used as a spokesperson the great Romanian actor Victor Rebengiuc. The advertising campaign was supervised by Liviu David, Creative Director Next Advertising.

Fragedo 2006-2015

The Fragedo brand, conceived and designed by Brandient in 2006, established itself as a benchmark for premium quality on Romanian market. From chicken breast to chicken joints, liver and gizzard to chicken for grilling, Fragedo means the taste of fresh meat and the increased safety of the production process.

The name and first packaging design created by Brandient, conveyed the idea of an open and optimist brand, of natural and freshness and of premium in order to support the top quality of the product and the introduction in the market of an innovative package.

In 2011, coming to celebrate 20 years of activity, Transavia commissioned Brandient team to redesign the package identity for the Fragedo brand. By introducing the “Well Made in Romania” concept, the solutions found by Brandient gave a new expression to the brand’s values and promises and came with a touch of legitimate national pride.


The range of breaded chicken products from Transavia, covering a vast choice of pre-cooked dishes that Romanians love to eat on a daily basis are marketed under a friendly and jovial brand sustained not only by the name, but also by the cartoon-like packaging design.

“Nuggets-league Soccer,” “Schnitzels’ Lazy Days,” “Chit-chat Burgers,” “The Nosy Frankfurters” and “The Overindulgent Sausages Teens” are themes for each product in Papane range—the food-shots were transformed into characters using free-hand illustration, a proper tool for transmitting affordability and easiness.

Ella Bella

Ella Bella range consists of schnitzels, nuggets, cordon bleu and burgers and is part of the premium category of chicken ready-made products.

Bradient created the name and the packaging design for a brand that is relaxed and comfortable, a lifestyle brand.

Seductive and elegant, Ella Bella aims to confirm the producer leadership position. The drawings representing modern, beautiful women, have been done in collaboration with a famous French illustrator.


Frateus comprises several assortments of sausages whose preparations have been inspired by renowned traditional recipes from countries like Germany, Austria, Poland, Spain and the UK.

Brandient has created the naming and the packaging design for a brand that is both cheerful and cosmopolite. At the same time it brings forward the idea of innovation and higher quality. The name, the logo and the packaging design encapsulate the idea of culinary diversity of nations all around the world, reunited.