Tuca & Asociatii

As the competitive environment in law consulting services grew even more selective and specialized in eastern Europe, young and ambitious lawyers spun off from the leading firms and set out to build their own practice. When the young lawyer Florentin Tuca together with 7 partners left Musat & Asociatii, they commissioned Brandient to create the brand of Tuca & Asociatii. Although they all had what it takes to succeed, few would predict their rapid rise to become one of the premier law firms in Romania.

Client file

Corporate brand

The slogan “Performance. Cum laude” makes sense of the team’s values: dedication, team effort, ambition and perseverance, work ethic and the will to win. Positioned as “the Formula One team of the Romanian law consultancy”, Tuca & Asociatii set out to offer top specialized services for corporate clients.


The logo created by Brandient clearly differentiates the firm from other law consultancies. The slash has replaced the “&” sign, used by the most of the law firms, while the sans serif font, in conjunction with the red colour, stand out in a category confined to rather conservative and restrained graphics. This design approach communicates the dynamism, ambition, power, success and the enthusiast personality of this young and valuable team of Romanian lawyers.