Brandient was commissioned to localize the global Vodafone brand and to design accordingly the creative platform in order to sustain the brand’s local promise.

Client file

Brand strategy

Eastern European markets had shortly enjoyed the emergence of capitalism, followed by a harsh, global recession that deeply marked the making of the new homo economicus and the consumers’ relationship with the global corporations. This emerging reality poses particular challenges to the branding specialist, and there is little body of knowledge updated on the subject.

Brandient audited the internal and external brand status, clarifying its opportunities and limitations under the new paradigm of competition and customers’ behaviour. In this context, although Vodafone was the most loved telecom brand on the Romanian market, it proved to be also perceived as the least accessible, because the high quality technological support had triggered the “expensive” label over time.

On the premise that a true leader must generate positive change and that a great brand must provide its loyalty to the customers even in tough times, Vodafone embraced a positioning closer to value for money, without affecting the fundamentals of the brand. Consequently, based on this positioning, Brandient created the tagline “Enter the hottest network, it’s worth it!” (“Intra in cea mai tare retea, merita!”), which brought the brand closer to a popular charisma and lessened its authoritarian aura.

Further on, Brandient developed the ‘Brand localization kit’ — the local brand platform for Vodafone, which inspired the award-winning advertising campaigns created by BV McCann Erickson Romania.