Piraeus Bank Romania

Piraeus Bank Romania is one of the top ten banks operating on the Romanian market with an impressive business increase till 2009; the bank management team appointed Brandient in 2010 in a difficult market context caused by the worldwide recession and compounded specifically by the crisis situation of Greece. Brandient was commissioned to devise a new brand platform capable to better help the current business in the new economic and social context.

Client file

Brand Strategy

Romanian banking industry was defined over the booming, pre-crisis years by an accelerated growth characterized by many players, an uneducated customer enjoying the "ad land" of marketing promises, a commoditization behaviour, an environment hostile to segmentation and a consequent state of defining the banking brands mostly through brand image focus than through brand experience.

Brand audit, market research and analysis revealed that the emerging post recession stage requests a different type of relationship in banking: longer term partnership, transparent information, fairness and strong loyalty as opposed to the "here and now" values of the economic boom (quick access, convenience).

Moreover, the market research showed the existence of positive associations of Piraeus Bank in the mind of consumers, able to sustain the soft values of building a more committed relationship, loyalty and openness – which must be emphasized over the short-term, incidental connection with the Greece crisis.

Based on these insights, Brandient developed a local new brand platform and a consequent positioning promise which stresses the values of warm relationship and openness, which would strengthen the business and show commitment to its customers’ current needs.

Internal Communication

Brandient facilitated the understanding of the internal branding’s role for a service brand and gave it a creative form.

The internal communication campaign – sustained by posters & banners, employees’ newsletter, premiums and enhanced by several brand engagement sessions with both top management and front desk – aimed to cultivate an organizational behavior based on brand’s values and vision and to engage employees as the most important vector of the new type of relationship into the corporate brand’s new philosophy.