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Without over indulging in moralistic language, we need to say that we praise human and professional integrity, we believe in knowledge, we take things cum grano salis and apply worldly wisdom to our deeds. Above all, we believe that entrepreneurship and engaging creativity are powerful forces to move people, communities and the society at large.

Design Director

Ciprian Badalan

Ciprian Badalan, Senior Designer Brandient

Our youngest Senior Designer, Ciprian knew what he wanted to do with his life from early childhood. With his father a painter and his older brother a church painter, Ciprian learned to draw, paint and talk in this particular order.

Naturally, he followed through an art education, by attending the Arts High School and subsequently graduating the Design and Decorative Arts College at the University of the Arts “George Enescu” in Iaşi.

After a few good years as art director in advertising agencies in Bucharest—and a Silver Effie as a memento—he joined Brandient in 2008 as Designer and has contributed to many award-winning identity projects.

Over the past decade, he displayed his paintings, graphics and sketchings at several art exhibitions. Another proof that Ciprian is amongst the happy few that do not have to think about quitting their day job in order to pursue a passion.



Ciprian Badalan [Foto1] As a senior Designer, Ciprian Badalan has contributed to many Brandient award-winning identity projects.

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