Our purpose

Brandient is the award-winning brand strategy and design company with offices in Bucharest and Singapore. With a proven track record in difficult markets, we deliver innovative branding solutions for the emergent entrepreneurs and companies.

    Our purpose

    The Eastern value

    Brandient originated in Eastern Europe and opened its second office in Singapore.

    Our signature is the deeply rooted entrepreneurial approach: bold, unrelenting, familiar with the ever-changing new normal, offering true, customized solutions to the most challenging situations.

    The very exposure to puzzling situations in the emerging markets that forged our professional experience and intellectual rigor makes us unafraid in front of change, while our Eastern essence makes us empathic and unfaltering.

    We bring to the table a multidisciplinary mix of competencies—from marketing and business management to design thinking and unconventional communication. That gives us a solid understanding of the value creation mechanism, an appetence for technology brands and for complex and non-standard branding projects, a specialization in large brand creation and reconstruction projects.

    In our original market we have successfully completed the high profile branding and design projects—most often in a tight collaboration with investment funds and VC—across almost all industries, from fast moving consumer goods and regional retail chains to large multinational telecoms and new economy startups, be it for new brand creation or fixing the entangled brands following an M&A. We are now prepared to serve the specific needs of the entrepreneurial spirit anywhere in the world—regardless of whether that spirit lies in an entrepreneurial business ready for the next level, a lively startup determined to take the market by storm, or a corporation dealing with the emergent markets.

    If brands are not for value, they are for nothing—it's been our true belief from the very beginning. Ten years after starting up, we have a solid track record and a stronger than ever commitment to create valuable brands for our clients.