Press Release · Bucharest, September 22, 2009

Brandient creates Cuculand™ in the land of all impossibilities

The first “embodiment” of this generous brand is Cuculand™ Ice Tea

Commissioned by a group of young entrepreneurs and managers, Brandient has created Cuculand, a brand of universal vocation, yet inspired by the everyday life and feelings of contemporary Romanians. The first "embodiment" of this generous brand is Cuculand™ Ice Tea, already available throughout selected retail chains.

The name Brandient has coined is not just memorable; it also instantly resonates with the lives of those living day by day in Cuculand™. Positioned in attitude, militant spirit, cult-brand and premium quality, Cuculand™ can be "deciphered" alternatively as the world we live in, the world we want to escape to or the world waiting for us. The brand tagline "Pure and free" attracts the young at heart and the clever ones who have found a way to keep their love, imagination and humor intact, despite the daily avalanche of ugliness. Cuculand™ packaging instantly conveys the essence of the brand—purity and freedom.

"Paraphrasing the wonderful words of Borges, one could say that 'we live in a driveled country where Cuculand is part of the reality'. But isn't this exactly what has driven us to create such an attractive brand?"

—Aneta Bogdan, Managing Partner Brandient.

An ultimately experimental brand, Cuculand™ has been launched using the online environment and the social networks. The site is in itself a non-conventional communication approach as well as a fresh brand experience. The main brand communication driving force is the web, taking the form of the most unexpected and challenging situations. Graphic identity, illustration and all applications are the result of extensive work by the entire Brandient team of designers (Cristian 'Kit' Paul, Cristian Petre, Bogdan Dumitrache, Eugen Erhan, Ciprian Badalan, Iancu Barbarasa). The TreeWorks team, led by Catalin Tenita, provided the site implementation, and Camil Tulcan mastered the video project for the site.

Brandient is the award-winning brand strategy and design company with offices in Bucharest and Singapore. With a proven track record in difficult and emerging markets, we deliver innovative branding solutions with a focus on technology-related areas.

Branding is a powerful management tool in the quest for value: have a look at our case studies to see strategy and design at work for our clients.

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Lansare Cuculand, comunicat de presa. Brandient creeaza Cuculand™ in tara tuturor imposibilitatilor.

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