Press Release · Bucharest, June 24, 2009

Brandient concluded the rebranding process for NemoExpress

The courrier is one of the top three market players in fast delivery services

Brandient finalized the rebranding process for one of the top three market players in fast delivery services.

The need for a rebranding emerged five years after the startup and it was rooted in the special challenges of an entrepreneurial business with a fast growing pace. To this, was added the necessity for performance through branding on a highly competitive market, yet poorly differentiated within this particular category.

The change is visible especially from the outside, from the visual identity standpoint. The new visual key elements convey the entrepreneurial spirit, as well as the sense of the organization. At the same time, it stresses the ability and the determination to respect clients’ wishes. The chosen symbol, the shark, irradiates force, masculinity, intelligence, perseverance and the capacity to successfully fulfill each mission. The minimalist functional graphic approach enhances these promises, and the chromatic choice-red and black-denotes determination, easiness and involvement. For NemoExpress, Brandient delivered the repositioning strategy, brand DNA redefining, as well as the entire application graphic design pack, as rendered through the main brand construction vectors: car fleet, stationery and brand communication. The visual identity bears the signature of Eugen Erhan, Brandient Designer.

The immediate result following the rebranding process was the organizational revival and the appropriation by the couriers of the type of behavior that lives up to established expectations. At the same time, the brand became much more visible on Romanian streets and highways.

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