Press Release · Bucharest, September 16, 2008

Apidava Rebranding

Corporate identity and packaging for the Transylvanian honey producer

Brandient created the naming for Apidava®, Di Melio® and SuperBee®, while designing corporate identity and packaging for the Transylvanian honey producer, in a process that included the setting up of portfolio strategy and brand architecture.

Apis Prod was established in 1992 as a small family business, starting with an apiary of 50 beehives belonging to Professor Victor Mates. The business grew and developed and, once the big retail chains made their entrance in Romania, it started to comply with all EU production and quality requirements. In 2005, Apis Prod associated with the Dutch partners Honey International B.V. and Trichilia, currently exporting 60 per cent of its entire production.

In order to better convey its new features as well as the producer’s international exposure, Brandient created the name Apidava® by adding the old Dacian word “dava” to the lexical root “apis”, rendering the necessary differentiation and uniqueness on the market without alienating traditional partners. The Apidava corporate identity design, simplifying the bee symbol into the shape of the letter “a” (in Romanian “bee” is rendered by the word “albina”) was resourcefully approached in a modern manner by Cristian “Kit” Paul, Brandient Creative Partner.

Brandient also created the name DiMelio® for the premium ecological acacia honey as well as the name SuperBee®. The product identity for DiMelio® brand makes a very good use of the specific features expected in a bio product: natural, authentic, clean, rustic, tradition and care during the entire process of making honey. Cristian Petre, Brandient Partner, designed the DiMelio identity, revitalized the traditional Brand Roua Florilor (Flowers’ Dew) and created the illustration for the bee-character SuperBee®. Further details are available on the corporate website

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Apidava rebranding, comunicat de presa. Brandient a creat numele si designul de ambalaj pentru Apidava.

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