Press Release · Bucharest, August 11, 2008

Verida Credit signed by Brandient

A new company operating on the mortgage market

Brandient created Verida Credit, a brand designed for a new company operating on the mortgage market, founded by high-profile financial institutions such as ABN Amro and CITI.

Taking into account the rapidly growing and crowded market, Verida was a challenging and intense project, at the same time. Verida brand was blueprinted and designed in order to provide a new model for doing business, where emphasys over established practices and costumer satisfaction became true brand positioning vectors. This approach was mirrored both in the visual and verbal identity of the new brand.

Verida, a name extracting its core from the Latin root of the word “truth” (veritas), was built upon values such as transparency, originality and honesty. These directions were represented through a simple and balanced design and also in terms of color choice, cyan being the preferred solution.

“The challenge for this project was to succeed, through naming and design, in representing two parallel features, apparently two far off from each other: the professionalism and the expertise held by Verida management team, on one hand, and the popularity of a mass brand, on the other. The former demands elegance and status while the latter requires openness and lack of sophistication. We found the solution in simplicity, therefore we have approached the Verida identity from this perspective”—Iancu Barbarasa, Brandient Designer.

Brandient developed for Verida the brand strategy, the verbal and visual identity, as well as the entire auxiliary graphic system, from corporate and marketing stationary to POS (point of sale) design, during February-August 2008.

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