Press Release · Bucharest, July 14, 2008

Brandient creates QFort

Robust insulation window systems

QFort was designed by Brandient for Casa Noastra (Romanian company), when the latter decided to embark on producing its own brand of highly safe thermic insulation window systems destined for the Romanian market.

The brand development spanned over an entire year, while, at Craiova, the producer updated its manufacturing capacities, now among top of the line in Eastern Europe, in terms of technology. Over the next 2 years, Casa Noastra will open over 150 showrooms bearing the QFort new identity.

QFort is built upon a set of values such as high quality, state of the art technology and trust. Brand associators inspire both comfort and durability, within a hi-tech rigorous framework.

The name of the brand was created by mixing lexical derivatives of words: “quality and comfort”. It suggests sturdiness and endurance, at the same time, thus allowing “QFort” to instantly communicate in a memorable way brand values towards a diversified audience and also to specialized clientele.

Visual identity reflects the brand spirit, namely geometrical precision, engineer expertise, “German” technology. The logo helps placing QFort within its category, thanks to the letter design marking the lexical components (Q and F). Chromatic choice (green, white, grey and black) underlines the technical core of the brand personality, a reliable, trustworthy and strong presence, guaranteeing both for costumer’s immediate comfort and product quality.

“Identity design is originated in a wordmark, built with a true engineer’s know-how and within the spirit of Cartesian clarity. It is centered around the symbol of a try square/window corner, thus stressing the preciseness in product construction”

—Cristian “Kit” Paul, Creative Partner, Brandient.

“Next” advertising agency, with Creative Director Liviu David in charge of the project, created the launching media campaign for the new brand, constructed in a memorable and instantly impacting manner with the brand vectors, unambiguously defining brand positioning and tone of voice.

At the same time, Brandient refurbished the corporate brand identity for Casa Noastra, Romania’s biggest thermic insulation joinery producer, founded in 1995 with 100 per cent private Romanian capital.

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