Press Release · Bucharest, May 9, 2008

Brandient and CEC Bank

Rebranding Romania’s oldest bank

Brandient has completed the rebranding process of the prestigious Casa de Economii si Consemnatiuni (Savings House), Romania’s oldest banking institution.

The launching of the new identity opens a new direction for CEC Bank, while landmarking a giant leap for a state-owned institution. At the same time, it sets an example almost impossible to ignore.

The Brandient team has been working together with the CEC Bank team for more than a year, throughout all the phases of the project: auditing, positioning, reconstruction of verbal and visual identity, retail design, banking product design, communication support and brand engagement programs.

The prestigious stature of CEC (originally an acronym) imposed keeping the name. To this, the “Bank” particle was added as a strategic necessity to prevent the institution from being perceived outside the range of universal banks. In a growing competitive environment, one of the main reasons for the erosion of CEC’s market position over recent years was its refusal to go by its own history and reputation, thus denying its own identity. This tremendous value has now been brought to light and has become a driving force for corporate rebirth.

“CEC Bank is probably the most complex project in Brandient portfolio. It is a reason of professional pride for all of us who have been involved in the revival of this historical brand. The brand engagement sessions held in order to introduce the new identity to the corporate organization—a first for Romanian firms—have been met with a surprisingly positive answer. The new identity was turned into a corporate cohesion vector, also being a change agent, even before it had been publicly launched. I salute the bank’s courageous management for this step.”

—Aneta Bogdan, Managing Partner, Brandient.

The graphic identity places CEC Bank simultaneously in the zone of tradition and rebirth. It now reflects the trust and stability required and expected from this category. The oak leaf—a national symbol—extracts its uniqueness by means of design as shown on the bank’s new logo. Even those who see it for the first time acknowledge it as having been there for more than one hundred years. CEC Bank new visual identity was created by Brandient designers Alin Tamasan, Cristian Kit Paul, Eugen Erhan, Bogdan Dumitrache, Cristian Petre, Iancu Barbarasa, under Cristian Kit Paul’s creative guidance.

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