Press Release · Bucharest, April 29, 2008

Brandient and Domo

Together again for communication platform redesign

Brandient involved in revitalizing external communication for Domo.

Domo has once more paired up with Brandient in order to revitalize the strategy and external communication support for its corporate brand. The main goals are the increase of the visual impact of tactical communication and the underlining of the friendly, pleasant and accessible personality of the brand.

Following the major rebranding in 2005 and the launch of the new corporate identity created by Brandient, Domo has gradually consolidated its position among top market players, as the most profitable retailer and with record turnover increase.

The solution delivered by Brandient involved the extension of the generous graphic potential for the two Domo avatars (the striped balls). Therefore, Brandient created two sympathetic and playful characters, a dog and a cat, who act as sales representatives for Domo, turning the sales act into a more pleasant, more memorable and less formal experience. They are to be found in all points of contact with the brand—point-of-sale graphics, TV commercials, billboards and sales literature.

Creative credits go to Brandient designers Alin Tamasan and Eugen Erhan, under Cristian “Kit” Paul’s main guidance as Creative Director Brandient. Studio 6 also contributed the animation graphics to this endeavor.

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