Press Release · Bucharest, March 18, 2008

Dedeman, devoted to your plans

Brandient rebrands Dedeman chain

Brandient has finalized the rebranding of Dedeman, a process spanning over 12 months. It covered the redesigning of visual and retail identity as well as repositioning in order to suit the strategy of going national for this regional DIY retailer.

On a developing market, capitalizing on simple values (how many companies still mention hard work in their mission statements?), two courageous, modest and clever entrepreneurs have succeeded in building a business equal to that of international competition, and they are already targeting a national leadership position. During the last years, Dedeman became a trustworthy partner for the ones engaged in building, renovating or decorating, via its very flexible and price-friendly product range, as well as through the dedicated and positive approach of its employees.

Brand clarification became necessary in order to strongly convey the brand pragmatic and functional personality, honesty, dedication, hard work, perseverance, and also its warm, friendly and loyal side. The essence of these features is encompassed in the brand idea “Dedicated and Constructive”, declined through Dedeman’s current slogan: “Dedicated to your plans” (Dedicat planurilor tale, in Romanian).

The dual brand personality, capable of mixing rational, practical and technical elements with relational, warm and friendly vibes, led to the creation of the key visual, “the helmeted dog”, designed by Cristian “Kit” Paul, Brandient’s Creative Director. Brandient Graphic Designer Iancu Barbarasa further developed the key visuals.

“During one’s first encounter with Dedeman, the helmeted dog, rather serious and attentive than funny, is probably one of the least expected things. However, you feel like actually looking for him at your next visit and you would be disappointed not to find him. Also, it’s is difficult not to remember him”

—Cristian “Kit” Paul, Creative Partner, Brandient.

The implementation stage has begun with Piatra Neamt store and will continue throughout 2008 with the refurbishment of the 10 existing locations and those about to be opened soon.

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