Press Release · Bucharest, February 25, 2008

Fonomat, mobile telephony fan club

New brand for the cellphone retail chain

Brandient created the brand Fonomat for GED Capital investment fund.

Starting with 2007, GED Capital acquired several regional dealer networks , such as Dasimpex and Plus GSM. This move consequently led to the emergence of Orange’s most significant business partner and, at the same time, it created the second biggest retailer in mobile telephony at a national level, in terms of location, in Romania. Brandient was commissioned by GED Capital to provide expertise and to create a brand capable of sustaining the new challenges of the business.

“Fonomat is a complex project in terms of objectives, it is about setting up a retail business, a dealership business and a technology business, all at the same time. From a branding perspective, the big question is how to mix these requirements in a single concept and make this concept a vital support for the future of the business?” Aneta Bogdan, Managing Partner, Brandient.

The name Fonomat™ was created in order to memorably convey the idea of a ‘Bancomat’ (Romanian for ATM cash withdrawal machines) for modern telephony solutions. Fonomat has the versatility allowing it to become the obvious choice for accomplishing this goal.

The graphic identity applies the same principle and uses a symbolic stamp to spread the message: “solved and guaranteed”. The dominant color, magenta, provides differentiation and visibility within the constraints of the dealership status. The Fonomat promise is the ultimate fan club for mobile telephony services, a place where one enters as a customer and leaves as a loyal fan™.

Brandient designers Cristian Petre, Partner and Alin Tamasan, Senior Designer have created the graphic identity of the new brand.

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