Press Release · Bucharest, June 5, 2006

Brandient creates Fabryo

New identity for paint producer Guzu Chim

Brandient has created “Fabryo” - the new corporate name for the paint producer Guzu Chim, as well as the new corporate visual identity. Savana and Ekonomic brands were also redesigned by Brandient as part of a process aiming to modernize the business, which reflects the company’s evolution on an increasingly competitive market.

In order to reflect the transition from an entrepreneurial firm to a growing company, Brandient created the name Fabryo inspired from the Latin word “faber” meaning “skillful”, “builder” and “craft”. It aims to communicate the talent and craftsmanship that each of the company’s employees are bringing into play when contributing to the product and business development.

The visual identity, simple and solid, plays on the association with Chemistry, placing the name within colorful hexagonal catenae. Together with the slogan proposed by the client “Paint Creator”, the new identity reflects both “chemistry” and “creativity”, respectively science and competencies through which the best products, formulated by chemical engineers using exceptional recipes are able to satisfy even the most demanding consumers.

“We did change our name but not our beliefs, because we have the same respect for quality and for our partners. We want to consolidate the image of a company where people work with talent and respect for quality. This fact is acknowledged by our exclusive partnership with DuPont – one of the most innovative global players – for the production of Teflon-based paint in Romania”

—Daniel Guzu, CEO Fabryo.

“Fabryo is part of the new Romanian industry elite – an elite that is shaping up under our eyes by entrepreneurial effort and competitiveness, which play by the rules and for whom reputation is paramount.”

—Aneta Bogdan, Managing Partner Brandient.

The revitalization of the premium brand Savana began with retaining the name, which was enjoying a high awareness and recall value. Nevertheless, the old packaging was suggesting dryness, coarseness and was not credible in communicating the quality attribute. Therefore, the new identity was designed so as to keep on supporting the name but also to inspire quality though life, color and excitement.

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