Press Release · Bucharest, February 28, 2006

Brandient created Picasol brand

Client Prutul, producer with a tradition of over a century on the edible oil

The new brand will support the emerging of Prutul SA Galati - a producer with a tradition of over a century on the edible oil Romanian market. Brandient was commissioned to create the new brand after having also designed the new corporate identity of Prutul SA.

A very good, economic and multifunctional product supports Picasol, which appealed to branding and design tactics in order to differentiate. Brandient designed the brand essence around the hassle-free, pleasant experience of cooking and eating.

The name of Picasol was conceived from the Romanian “picatura” (drop) and the Latin “sol” (sun), and it is unique, memorable, pleasant and friendly. Easily perceived as “a drop of sun”, it conveys friendliness and a happy feeling.

“Bunăstare în mâncare” is a very inspired way to express the brand promise in a short, catchy line, which means both “wealth/well-being in food” and “good mood in food / in cooking”, carrying a positive, optimistic and warm feeling.

The logo has a fluid handwriting design, which conveys more intimacy and warmth, while the visual impact is magnified by the contrast between the lighting yellow of the sunflower and the powerful blue strip. Also, a calligraphic font was used for the slogan.

As the package shape is a major differentiator on the shelf, due to the competition, Brandient created a special package (PET) for Picasol – an original, convenient and supple one, while observing all production and supply chain constraints. The final design emerged as a modern, hassle-free, inviting container.

“Picasol aims to be a pleasant experience, able to harmonize an exceptional product, with a modern package, with a warm and optimistic personality, resembling to a sunflower field warmed by the summer sun"

—Cristian “Kit” Paul, Creative Partner, Brandient.

“The brand was created at the beginning of 2003 but the management of Prutul decided to invest in the certitude of delivering a best quality product first and then launch this brand. This is a praising lesson that tells us that a solid brand needs a very good quality support.”

— Aneta Bogdan, Managing Partner, Brandient.

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