Press Release · Bucharest, February 13, 2006

Brandient creates Zuzu

Client Albalact strengthens position

In order to strengthen its position on the diary market, Albalact decided to launch a new brand in fresh milk and yogurt. The innovative packaging solution from Tetra Pak it’s called Tetra Top and it is also a novelty on the Romanian market. Following previous collaboration with Albalact on the new corporate identity and the hugely successful Fulga brand, Brandient was commissioned to create the new brand.

The name Zuzu is unconventional and instantly memorable and induces sympathy, intimacy and coolness, as opposed to the dominating yogurt offer which promotes a medicine-like approach. Zuzu makes it clear that you don’t have to be in pain in order to enjoy a fresh yogurt and promotes a large range of fresh milk and yogurts targeted mainly at urban young family.

The package design is a joint creation of designers Bogdan Dumitrache and Cristian “Kit” Paul and achieves both high shelf visibility and clear line extension rules. With a clean, minimalist approach and the rather unexpected use of feathers, the package suggest naturally the feeling of light and gentle and supports the verbal identity. Modern and atypical, the package is a pleasant surprise for the Romanian consumer, who is open to innovation, and it will have an impact way above the communication budget spent.

“Zuzu’s promise to indulge the consumer is supported by the whole verbal and visual approach to the brand. The product itself is highly enjoyable, so Zuzu stands a good chance to win both the shelf and the consumers’ hearts.”

-Cristian “Kit” Paul, Creative Partner Brandient.

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