Press Release · Bucharest, September 15, 2005

Albalact revitalizes corporate brand

Fulga brand launch has propelled Albalact from a low position right in the top five of Romanian dairy producers. This success has practically changed the company philosophy and behaviour, making it see the future in a more professional, more visible and more attractive manner, both for the clients and the partners and employees. Thus, Albalact has started a re-branding process aimed at bringing into consonance the product portfolio and the long-term business objectives as well as the consumers’ expectations.

Brandient is the consultant that helped Albalact rethink its marketing strategy, reposition and redesign the new corporate brand, along with all the product brands in its portfolio.

“Albalact is for us the local client that Romanian economy has been waiting for such a long time: the one that knows how to ask for advice and listen to it. It is visionary and daring, believing in its own destiny” said Aneta Bogdan, Managing Partner with Brandient.

The new corporate identity designed by Brandient was inspired by the company promise to offer “all the best of milk” with care and love. Courageously and surprisingly, it represents the graphic expression of a heart and a cow udder. Designers used green and blue to support associations with nature and freshness.

“Brand promise meets not only clients’ expectations of enjoying natural, tasty, careful prepared products but also the requirements of European production and package standards, a specific attribute of our business model. For us, branding is a strategic support for continuous business growth. This is why we intend to reshuffle the entire product portfolio and redesign them in order to support the business strategy.”

—Raul Ciurtin, major stakeholder in Albalact.

Brandient designed all the corporate administrative and presentation materials, including the company website that seduces readers not only by its fresh clean structure but also by its Transylvanian specific language.

“It is a fresh lively logo that I whish it brings a small for those seeing it on the shelf.”

—Bogdan Dumitrache, Senior Designer with Brandient.

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