Press Release · Bucharest, September 7, 2005

SNR airs under Radiocom name

Brandient rebrands the National Radio Communication Society (SNR)

Brandient has re-branded the National Radio communication Society (SNR), helping it clarify the corporate identity and revitalize its verbal and visual identity.

The new name of the company is Radiocom and it is positioned according the competence area of the company, "Broadcasting. Data. Telephony". The new visual identity, launched during this year edition of CERF, aims at giving it a more modern and dynamic company image, making it more competitive on the communication market.

"We are convinced that we can demonstrate that a state company can also aspire to a modern competitive image. We are entering a new business development and efficiency stage and we need all the modern management tools to support this change. And branding can help us both internally and externally in our pursuit"

—Mircea Cazan, President and CEO Radiocom.

Radiocom selected Brandient as consultant for the re-branding and design of the new ID system not only due to Brandient reputation but also due to its expertise in communication industry and the re-branding processes on very large state-owned entities.

"For us this was a valuable experience because the challenges of re-branding a state-owned entity which is active on a very competitive market are unique and capable to teach us more and to help us better ourselves"

—Aneta Bogdan, Managing Partner with Brandient.

The visual identity was created and designed by Cristian Kit Paul, creative director with Brandient and a reputable designer on the Romanian market. "I envisaged a wave area that optically forms a tower, a construction that aspires to a higher level of development and technological performance" said Cristian Kit Paul. "I drew the logo so that it could help the business position as a professional in its field of practice" he added.

Radiocom means 85 years of history, an incontestable leader on the Romanian broadcasting market and the vastest and valuable communications infrastructure in Romania.

"We have lived in a shadow so far, nourished by a state of incompetence and inefficiency both at company level and business relations. Radiocom can escape this negative context and can aim at a top position on this very market, which is very competitive not only technologically but also in marketing" said Ionel Branga, commercial manager with Radiocom.

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