Press Release · Bucharest, September 1, 2005

"Ten easy steps" with Orange

Brandient supports Orange School CSR program

Brandient was selected to support Orange in one of the most beautiful social responsibility program, aimed at graduate and undergraduate students, called, as every year, “Communication School” (“Scoala de Comunicare”).

The training programme was aimed at helping trainees to communicate efficiently and confidently in various situations, at understanding organizations, marketing and corporate relationship. The 10 training sessions that took place between April – June were held by Aneta Bogdan, Managing Partner Brandient, Dan Petre, Partner D&D Research and their guests.

Brandient and Dan Petre elaborated the training concept, the seminar structure and the presentation materials. The 10 sessions support the idea of «ten easy steps », a concept spirited by Orange brand personality: simple, clear, and friendly.

Each training day was divided in three distinct sections: theoretical, applications and case studies, an opportunity for the students to absorb knowledge but also to practice their communication skills.

“The Communication School organized by Orange proved me once again that great brands create great expectations, no matter what relationship they enter! This is an unique sponsorship on the Romanian market which gave hope and force to a group of 20 talented young people and lot of youth to me and my colleagues at Brandient. We felt young and useful and also optimistic. This was indeed a memorable experience that we can only thank for it”

—Aneta Bogdan, Managing Partner, Brandient.

“Communication School is part of the Orange corporate social responsibility program, which is about our involvement in community life. This training meets the students’ needs for development and direct interaction with the business environment in order to prepare their professional career. Orange intends to continue to organize such special trainings for students in the following years and to conduct an open dialogue with them, as they represent a strategic investment for the future”

—Roxana Rotaru, Human Resources Director, Orange Romania.

Participants and organizers’ enthusiasm measured the success of this school but from now on it will be measured mostly by the performance these young people will have to reach in their first work and life experiences.

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