Press Release · Bucharest, August 24, 2004

Novensys, Information Intelligence

Brandient rebranded Bar Code Systems

Brandient rebranded Bar Code Systems, the Romanian provider of information management solutions. As a result, Bar Code Systems became Novensys, and the new slogan is Information IQ.

The rebranding process, initiated in March 2004, defined the organizational identity, the brand strategy, the verbal and visual identity and the creative platform for the brand. The brand audit revealed a successful, young and dynamic company in the area of information technology, with a responsible and friendly approach, but also the need for building a relevant identity.

Bar Code Systems started in 1995 as a provider of bar code systems, and over the next eight years achieved a leadership position on this segment, with a USD 3.5 Mio turnover and an impressive portfolio of customers. The accrued expertise and a good understanding of customers’ needs enabled them to extend their activity into information management integrated systems.

In order to have a brand in tone with the new business strategy, Brandient recommended changing the old verbal identity, which was restrictive for the company’s aspirations and future, and created Novensys – a generous and memorable name, able to generate positive associations with new/innovator systems for information management. In that spirit, the whole rhetoric was created around the concept of intelligent information, which is also the main promise of the business: Novensys provides intelligent solutions to manage information.

The visual identity, signed by graphic designer Cristian Petre, distilled the name in a distinct and memorable monogram, where the type form and the bright halo suggest modern technology and dynamic development. In balance, chromatics were restrained to one tone of vivid and friendly blue.

Through its new identity, Novensys tells about the belief in the power of information and about their active and responsible role to their customers’ businesses.

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