Press Release · Bucharest, June 21, 2004

Rebranding Romanian Public Television (TVR)

Brandient leading the 18 months process

Brandient has been involved for one and a half year in the rebranding of Romanian Public Television (TVR). An institution with such a high visibility and impact and an important vector of nation image, does need a strong brand, supported by values, strategy and a memorable and functional identity.

Commisioned in February 2003, Brandient provided TVR with brand consulting throughout the process and elaborated the documentation for the internal and external bids aimed to select the agencies for design of TV channel identity and for external communication. Based on the brand audit and marketing research, a brand strategy was developed together with the positioning of sub-brands, the identity type and the brand portfolio architecture, so as to respond to the rebranding objectives.

Brandient developed the creative (copy & visual) platform, in order to ensure consistency to the building of brand personality over time. Dealing with a service branding case, Brandient placed a great emphasis on internal branding (perhaps the single most important success factor of rebranding), which aims to cultivate an organisational behaviour in tone with the brand’s set of values. The internal communication campaign, alongside the training and team-building activities, are the start of this long term process.

The visible part, which only signals the start of the renewal process for TVR, is the new visual identity (launched on June 11, 2004), created - and already applied to TVR1 and TVR2 channels - by the award-winning TV packaging design company English&Pockett (London). Over the four months of collaboration, Brandient enjoyed the professional, modern and exigent approach brought by English & Pockett to this project.

The rebranding of TVR is probably the most complex process of this kind in Romania, when a private company (Brandient) and a large state-owned company (TVR) approached with courage and hope the future of a brand that has lived 48 years in the minds of Romanians. For Brandient, this project was a unique opportunity to prove that a public company can and it is entitled to behave and have ambitions similar to a private company, and in the case of TVR, similar to any other European public television.

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