Press Release · Bucharest, July 8, 2013

Indygen or how to tell it like it is

The unconventional brand for the smartly connected generation

Brandient creates Indygen for the the smartly connected generation

Brandient delivers strategy, naming, visual identity, proprietary typography, vinyl toy design, web design and more for the fresh telco brand.

Nothing is cooler in a partnership than to be entrusted with the hottest project of your client. Indygen is cutting a fresh path in the telecom landscape, it goes beyond telecom—a bold brand dedicated to the young generation of digital natives. A brand developed with and for the young and cool, a great experience for Brandient, a project for which some of us have prepared for the past 20 years.

A generation that questions any empty commercial manifestation, a generation highly social in behavior, disrupted and disruptive, would deserve a unique, social and ideological brand, an icon for the smartly connected youth of Romania. Indygen is the brand created for them, able to represent them, to identify with their interests, aspirations, dreams, inquiries and challenges.

Brandient developed the brand strategy and created the name, the visual identity, the packaging, the typography and all major brand manifestations. The visual identity has been created by Cristian Kit Paul, Creative Partner, who also coordinated the design team, with Senior Designer Ciprian Badalan leading the implementation team.

"Amid wide disruption of the telecom industry, when things go beyond commoditization, we see how brand strategies are no longer about differentiation, but about how do we manage change. Indygen is a wonderful enabler of engagement, education and entertainment, a proof of how brand innovation can work."

—Aneta Bogdan, Managing Partner Brandient.

"Why use commercial typefaces when you can create your own? Why go for the bland SIM pack when you can create a collectable designer toy for it? Why have a logo when the style itself can say 'Indygen?' This is not the average target, and we set out to design a striking, albeit very simple brand—one able to say 'Like me!' to the right person."

—Cristian Kit Paul, Creative Partner, Brandient

See the Indygen case study, from brand strategy to naming, visual identity and brand manifestations.

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