Press Release · Bucharest, October 2, 2013

A cool new retail experience designed by Brandient

Launch of AB Cool Food in Bucharest

Leading the retail trend of smarter, smaller and community oriented spaces, the leading Romanian urban retailer Mega Image—part of the international Delhaize Group—has launched a new concept store in Bucharest, a pioneering experiment in Romania, by offering an impressive specialised range of frozen foods and ready meals, as bright solutions to modern lifestyle needs.

Brandient has been commissioned to conceptualise and design the retail experience for the pilot store, with a double challenge: to create a literally appealing and "warm" retail environment dedicated to shopping frozen products, while aiming to educate the consumers about the benefits of frozen food in the daily rush of life.

Brandient created the name “Cool Food” for the existing retail trademark "AB" belonging to the international group. The composed name "AB Cool Food" is highly relevant for sustaining the new category and the consequent positioning promise of "Cool and Simple".

From fascia to wall graphics, from labelling system to catalogue and uniforms, from merchandise to the sales support manifestations, the entire retail experience has been created, designed and implemented by Brandient under the leadership of Senior Designer Adrian Stanculet.

"Given the double challenge of the new identity, we decided to make things WOW through simplicity. We 'designed' verbal spaces inside the store by selecting a relaxed and friendly font, as well as by ensuring a high quality composition. Therefore, the appetising and colorful product presentation convinces that the frozen food category represents a lifestyle and is characterised by quality. At the same time, we realised that this territory can be a good brand property for AB Cool Food."

—Adrian Stanculet, Senior Designer Brandient

The project stands on and reinforce the extended experience Brandient has in retail branding, proven by Dedeman DIY chain, eMag multi-channel expressions, Domo, Flanco—to mention just some of the most complex projects under the company’s brand strategy, creative and retail design direction.

"One might say it is a relatively simple process to design a fascia, but the real branding test is when the consumer enters the store and faces the environment as a whole: the space, the product display, the graphics, the speech of the sales person, the light, the smell, the sound and the temperature, all encompassing an experience that should be memorable and repeatable."

—Irina Ilie, Associate Director Brandient

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