Press Release · Bucharest, May 19, 2016

“The heart of football” — a new brand for the Romanian Football Cup

Brandient rebrands the long-standing competition

Designing the new identity of the Romanian Football Cup

Brandient created the new identity of the Romanian Football Cup — which was launched last week at the 78th edition’s final match. Drawing on the event’s celebratory DNA, the new identity translates the brand’s proprietary symbols in a modern rendition.

The rebranding was commissioned by the new leadership of the Romanian Football Federation as part of their larger effort to strengthen the brand management and raise the profile of the popular competition in Romania. Particularly the Romanian Cup, due to its grass-roots approach, is bound to symbolise the way football can empower the local communities. In that respect, football can be seen as a vivid catalyst of joy for the small communities, providing everyone the opportunity to enjoy the sport, while feeling part of a larger whole.

The tickets to the competition's 78th edition

“Beyond the visual reinterpretation of the brand’s tangible symbol — the historical cup — we sought to maintain an aspirational stature of representation.”

—Adrian Stanculet, Design Director Brandient

The identity originates from a strong figurative element, with the two eagles illustrated in a competitive stance, disputing the centrally positioned cup. The negative space traced by the wings of the two eagles draw the handles of the cup but, at the same time, a heart — “the heart of Romanian football”, which is also the brand’s new promise. The eagle symbol, along with the three colors: red, yellow and blue, generate a powerful national symbol, inspiring agility, power, stature and intelligence.

The final's opening ceremony

“We are fully dedicated to each and every project that restores the national self-confidence and our image in front of others. We consider the Romanian Cup an important vector of nation branding, and the skillful design of its revitalization would trigger higher performance within the sports community and the nation at large.”

—Aneta Bogdan, Brandient Managing Partner

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