Press Release · Bucharest, September 21, 2016

Banca Transilvania unveils new identity designed by Brandient

A bold design for the most powerful Romanian bank

Designing the new identity of Banca Transilvania

After a great business year in 2015, and preparing for future developments, Banca Transilvania (also known as BT) — the largest Romanian bank founded with private capital — seized the favourable momentum to initiate a brand evolution, and to better signalize the new stage and status of the brand.

Marking its second collaboration with Mr. Horia Ciorcila — the bank’s President and one of the most prominent Romanian entrepreneurs — Brandient was inspired to explore bold avenues for refreshing the brand, and to approach the identity from a genuine, aspirational and inspirational perspective — both for internal stakeholders, and for external customers and partners.

The design strategy was to protect brand equity elements like the “shield” symbol and the yellow color — and to further emphasize through design the associations built by the bank over the past 22 years: “Romanian bank”, “local bank”, and “bank for entrepreneurial Romanians”. All these in a style that conveys modernity, dynamism and increased brand visibility. The color palette was enriched and inspired by the national colors (blue, yellow, red), and, as such, Banca Transilvania undertakes the responsibility of being identified as a leading Romanian brand.

The new visual identity aims to accentuate the charismatic and vibrant personality that defines both the Romanian entrepreneurial spirit and BT’s team. The new logo inspired a generous graphical platform, bearing brand property value, able to ensure stylistic consistency in all the brand’s manifestations. The “trust” component, that defines the banking sector, is supported at visual level by solid typography and compositional rigor.

—Ciprian Badalan, Design Director Brandient

Along with refreshing and modernizing the brand to support future developments, the project had the mandate of delivering consistency and discipline solutions for its complex manifestations.

Corporate brand identity projects involve considerable time and human resources, lack of comfort within the organization, as well as a lot of subjectivity. Under such circumstances, it was a huge help to have a brand that is cherished by its organization, and to work with a Board that decides not by committee, but through ambition, aspiration and faith.

—Aneta Bogdan FCIM Managing Partner Brandient


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