Press Release · Bucharest / Singapore, March 6, 2017

A Graphis Platinum Award for Brandient

Higher international recognition for Brandient design

Brandient wins Graphis Platinum Award for Tinmar’s brand identity.

Brandient has received another outstanding international recognition for its work, with a Platinum Graphis Award for the logo of Tinmar, the leading Romanian energy company.

The design challenge of the new Tinmar identity was to express the stature of the business — and thus reinforce its leadership on the B2B market — but at the same time to provide a strong sense of reliability for the new segment of domestic consumers. With a wordmark conveying both energy and engineered precision, the new identity is built around a polymorphic symbol — the crystal 3D “T” monogram — that changes its angle for each entity (parent company, energy, oil and gas). The subsidiary identities use the same colors in different proportions, each with a code-color dominating slightly. The proprietary symbol is rigid yet transformative, massive yet ethereal, precise yet colorful — apt for a player that must transmit both scale and easy, friendly service.

Brandient wins Graphis Platinum Award for Tinmar’s brand identity.

The winning logo — which is the first Platinum Graphis for Brandient — will be presented at large in the related Graphis book to be published this spring.

Brandient also received another Graphis Silver Award for creating the logo for Balvanyos Resort — an oasis of peace, hidden in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, surrounded by thermal waters long used for relaxation and recovery purposes. The logo is resembling a timeless, wise figure, deeply immersed in elements of nature — water, mountains and vegetation — while its refined design reflects the resort’s premium standards and facilities.

At the same Graphis competition (Logo Design 9), Brandient was awarded a Merit commendation for the Team Romania logo, designed for the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee.

Present awards included, Brandient has received no less than 16 Graphis Awards over the past 5 years, in various competitions organized by the leading authority in design. The award portfolio includes 2 Graphis Gold Awards (eMAG’s identity in 2012 and identity in 2013), 5 Graphis Silver awards (eMAG and NexteBank in 2013, Ubernuts and Lawyer’s House Wine in 2014, and BIZ magazine in 2016), as well as 6 Graphis Merit Awards.

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