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Silva. New beer, old love.

Brandient repositioned the crown jewel of Heineken Romania’s portfolio

Brandient repositioned the crown jewel of Heineken Romania’s portfolio

SILVA is a deeply respected, 40 years old, Transylvanian born beer brand, and one of the most iconic local brands — Romania’s first export beer, no less. Currently, the brand is the crown jewel within Heineken Romania’s portfolio. Inspirited by its heritage, SILVA embarks on a quest to reinterpret old recipes and create new ones, challenged by its will to better serve the modern consumers’ expectations — and it’s launching a collection of three different authentic local craft-quality beers: the new “Mandra Romaneasca” — a creative Romanian Pale Ale, the savory improved flavor Premium Blonde Lager — “Blonda Desavarsita”, and the famed crafted Strong Dark Lager — “Neagra Legendara”.

In this context, Brandient has been commissioned by Heineken Romania to advice on the repositioning job, while redesigning the new range.

Brandient repositioned the crown jewel of Heineken Romania’s portfolio

Admitting that repositioning a product into an adjunct category means to create a new or a collateral territory of associations specific to the consumer behavior into the respective new category, the findings of the strategic research were optimistic, rewarding and beneficial to the scope of work. Based on the new strategic route, SILVA is an Authentic Romanian Craft-Quality beer brand. The brand is rooted on its past and is inspired by its future, so the slogan “New beer, old love” evokes a mature promise in a heartfelt and witty manner.

Brandient repositioned the crown jewel of Heineken Romania’s portfolio

The aesthetic of the new SILVA packaging is a demonstration of Heineken’s commitment to excellence in design and branding, a step forward from the dogmatic approach of industrial beers. The new design conveys the true Transylvanian spirit of the brand identity — under a stylistic treatment of craftsmanship, a declaration for local nature, mastery and tasty genuine beer. The brand appears Strong, Simple and Modest.

The Brandient team also crafted the brand’s visual platform and the brand fundamentals — and here is the beautiful brand story, to open your hearts:

Only the greatest love can survive, grow and evolve for 40 years — marching forward through good times and slow-downs, through failures and triumphs. That is our love — the love for beer. It has helped us throughout time to gain knowledge, and knowledge has brought us craftsmanship in brewing and perfecting great tastes. That old love is still going strong.

But the times, they are always changing, and they are ripe for the new. The moment has come for us to be the local pioneers once again —  step on the stage to brew some fine craft — quality beer and proudly show everyone how it’s done.

The rich journey behind us endorses our moving forward towards a new variety of tastes: The Blonde Lager, a tribute to our history; the Romanian Pale Ale, an articulation of our innovative spirit; the Dark Lager, the already living proof of our craft-quality and love for beer.

We’re bringing that old passion into the new life, because new needs old.

New beer, old love.

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